Rara Octavio Canvas, the first of the now well-known Canvas family of mars. His story, though familiar to all these days, was a truly unexpected development in the early stages of mars colonization.  

    His vision is our highest purpose and to achieve this, the Phobos and Deimos factions: “Diamond and Dark Moon” should cease to exist.  


    After the death of Rara O. Canvas, the Canvas family detached from the military force to honor Rara's wish to none of his children will follow in his footsteps.  

    As a result, a new faction was formed to pursue the ideals of Cactus boy. It is not known who were the true founders, but in the early years of Diamond Moon, the Tannhauser family proclaimed themselves the leaders of this faction. 


    From a miners' syndicate in Deimos moon to a military wing. The Dark Moon grew enough in power and expertise to become the principal adversary of the Diamon Moon in the race from the Leadership of the Martian government. 

    On the days of the syndicate, these miners were protected by Cactus boy forces, and with Rara passing, they decided to stand up as the Dark Moon. 

    While they recognize the importance of the Canvas family, they will not pledge allegiance to any Martian House.  

    Kax Rossenthad, the faction's third leader, was elected by a unanimous vote the year the DM vs DM conflict began. 

Zazu J. Canvas

Zazu J. Canvas is the third son of the very respected diplomat Quatro Vito Canvas.
Zazu was exiled from the family, the day he enrolled in the Dark Moon faction taking the alias of Lazy Wolf.

Rara Octavio Canvas

The Great Hero of the Martian Revolution Rara was born on Earth, but his parents emigrated to Mars searching for a better future. At the age of 17 years old, Rara leaves the family house to travel around Mars, becoming conscious of the precarious situation of the Martian people.

He was known as the revolutionary Cactus Boy at the age of 24 years old. Fighting for the independence of Mars. He died old around his family, hoping for a better future for the people of Mars


The third leader of the Dark Moon, his both parents were miners on Deimos Moon, He grew up knowing the reality, of these hardworking people. He knew his people and His people knew him. This fact and a natural charisma, made him reach easily, the top places of the Dark Moon faction.


Diamond Moon leader and last heir of the Tannhausser family. His battle and strategy abilities are not questionable, Dee is a born leader, not only by heritage but by talent and experience. Leading his faction to win the Mawrth Vallis War only at the age of 23 years old.